Sophomore year of High School I discovered Abbey Road in my parents CD selection.  I was miserably board with the music of my generation and searching for something a bit more inspiring.  I was hooked.

Columbia House made it pretty easy to build a Beatles collection in a hurry.  Between the library and the bookstore I stole enough material to garner a healthy obsession with the 60’s & early 70’s.  First the music, then the movement, THEN the fashion.

I belled my old Levis and made poorly sewn crop tops and purses.  It’s not just the look that appealed to me, but the vibe.  The lifestyle.  It still does.

While I may have traded in some of my minis for maxi and given up a few treasured vintage finds that were deemed inappropriate- I have found new ways to mix in the magic of that era.

Finally, I have a Beatle boot!

Re-souL is an amazing shoe store in Seattle that carries some of my favorite brands and occasionally produces a line of their own.  Focusing on classic design with special attention to detail and quality, the shop owner has had years of experience in retail and shoe design that allow her to offer her customers gorgeous well-made shoes at an affordable price.  

Buy the perfect Chelsea boot here.

Shop the full re-souL Collection here.

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All Images: Claudia Bost


Coat- Antik Batik c/o Accompany, sold out. Denim- c/0 Madewell, here.  Sweatshirt- Everlane, here. Earrings- c/o Monica Squitieri, here.  Boot- c/o re-souL, (ON SALE!) here.


  1. Love this! The outfits I love most bring out my inner hippie! Thank god for our parent’s music collections… haha!

    • Amanda,
      I totally agree. And also I love your new hair color! You can pretty much pull off anything 🙂