Often fashion and art influence one another.  But sometimes fashion is art, and occasionally it’s done at an accessible price available for those that are looking for something truly special.

Susan Connor and Everything Golden have partnered on THE most amazing project.  Using vintage denim staples and hand stamping techniques, they have produced a limited collection of pieces that are truly one of a kind.

Here’s a little more info on these talented and inspiring women-

Mariah stocks Everything Golden with a gathering of beautiful things, a studied mix.

Style is something I contemplate often, I sometimes struggle with the vanity of it, the consumption of things we don’t need. Ever since I started studying textiles and design, I have been finessing my relationship with clothing.  For me, style is much deeper than a visual quality. If you dress mindfully, it can communicate your essence. My richest style moments are when I feel a connection, often to my mother, or another time and place.

Susan Connor is a self taught pattern designer that aims to bring a meaningful story and a textured minimalism to each piece that she creates.

Susan’s collection aims to feel at once comforting and inspiring, and draws heavily on bohemian themes and her own artistic lifestyle.Inspiration is found in diverse, often surprising places, imperfections are embraced, product is sourced and manufactured locally, and the beauty of simple materials is celebrated and elevated.

Shop the entire Art On Denim collection here.

Buy my exact shorts here.

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All Images: Claudia Bost


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